Hanover Hills Welcome Letter

Wed, 08/01/2018 - 10:50am

June 15, 2018

Dear Families,
As  the  Principal  of  Hanover  Hills  Elementary,  it  is  my  pleasure to welcome your family to the upcoming  2018/2019  school  year.

I  am  looking  forward  to  filling  our  hallways  and  classrooms with  students  who  are  excited  and  enthusiastic  learners.  It  is  my  goal  to  help  every  child  and family feel welcomed, connected, and part of the Hanover Hills community.

Mrs.  Harmon  and  I have  high  expectations  for  even  our  youngest  students  and  we  will  work hard to make our time together rewarding and full of positive learning experiences. In addition to exemplary classroom  instruction,  your  child  will  also  have  Related  Arts,  which  includes Physical Education,  Music,  Art, Media and  Technology.

Our staff will  be  committed  to supporting your student both academically and socially as they grow in our environment.

More information regarding our ribbon-cutting ceremony, as well as opportunities to visit the school and meet the Hanover Hills team, will be available throughout the summer.

At  Hanover  Hills,  we  value  strong  home-to-school  connections.  We  believe  that  your  family will  be  a respected part  of  our  team.  We  hope  that  you  will  become  active  in our  school, whether  it  is  volunteering  in  your  child’s  classroom,  joining  us  for  lunch  or  recess,  or supporting our future PTA. You are your child’s first and most important teacher, and we recognize  that  when  a  strong  home-to-school  connection  is  established  and  maintained,  our students are happier and ready to learn.

Mrs.  Harmon  and  I  are honored  to  serve  as  the  Principal and  Assistant  Principal of  Hanover Hills  Elementary  School.  It  is  truly  a  privilege  to  be  a  part  of  a  community  where  families, teachers,  and  students  share  a  common  goal  and  strive  to  build  positive  relationships  that support  both  academic  and  shared  growth.  Please  feel  free  to  email  either  one  of  us at Troy_Todd@hcpss.org or  Lesilie_Harmon@hcpss.org with any questions or concerns.

We look  forward  to  a  successful  2018-2019  school  year  at  Hanover  Hills  and  to begin this wonderful journey with you.  Enjoy your summer and we’ll see you soon!

Troy Todd
HHES Principal

Leslie Harmon

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